Philip Ron "Phil" Margera (born July 13, 1957 in Concordville, Pennsylvania, United States), he is the father of Brandon "Bam" and Jess Margera.

In addition to his roles on Viva La Bam, Jackass, and Bam's Unholy Union, he is also a professional baker.

He is the brother of the more obnoxious Vincent "Don Vito" Margera.

Phil is shown to be a big Elvis Presley fan, even dressing up like him when renewing his vows with his wife, April.

Phil, who along with his brother, is often picked on and teased about his weight by Bam and the CKY Crew and during a special episode he could not eat for a whole day.

After Viva La BamEdit

Phil joined Celebrity Fit Club on VH1, losing a total weigh of 41 pounds on the show.


Phil is one of the unlockable characters in Tony Hawk's Underground 2.